San Marino set a new national record after they survive red card to hold on vs Gibraltar

The UEFA Nations League hasn’t resulted in a lot of enthusiasm from most camps, but at least it does give the lesser nations a chance to play some “competitive” games where they have a chance of picking up a few wins.

The ultimate example is San Marino who have been on the receiving end of many a thumping for years now, but they’ve just done the unthinkable by going unbeaten in back to back games for the first time in their history:

It’s not exactly glamour stuff when you consider both games were goalless draws against Gibraltar and Liechtenstein, but it’s a case of baby steps here so they need to start somewhere.

They played at home to Gibraltar today so there were even a few hopes of the elusive victory, but they did well to hold on for the 0-0 after going down to ten men early in the second half for this challenge:

Pictures from UEFA Nations League

The next step will be to start winning some games, but they are now officially on an unbeaten run with a couple of clean sheets so the momentum is with them…