Usain Bolt names the current footballer who would beat him in a 100m race

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Though he’s been happily retired from athletics for a few years now, Usain Bolt could surely still give anyone a run for their money over his favoured 100m distance.

The Jamaican, the fastest man to have ever run the 100 and 200m races, may well hold the world records in both events for many years to come.

His lack of training and motivation since retirement, however, has him believing that there’s one current footballer who would beat him over the former distance if there were to be a footrace between the pair.

It perhaps won’t surprise anyone that Bolt has named Cristiano Ronaldo as the player who could leave him for dead these days.

“For sure Cristiano Ronaldo,” he said to MARCA, cited by the Daily Star., when asked who would come out on top of a hypothetical battle.

“He works out every day, he is a super-athlete. He is always at the top of his sport. He works very hard and is always focused. I think right now he would definitely be faster than me.”

It’s the sort of challenge that the Portuguese would respond to, and fans of both sports would surely welcome the spectacle.

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