Video: Every Mason Greenwood goal for Man United in the 2019/2020 Premier League season

You have to be a fairly toxic individual or organisation to gleefully pounce on any opportunity to denigrate the character of someone that is doing well for themselves.

Man United starlet Mason Greenwood has been going through a particularly difficult time lately with some wildly mis-leading press in recent days, so it seems like the perfect chance to look at the positive moments from last season.

It’s still not clear if he will eventually develop into a true number 9 or if he’s better cutting inside from the right hand side, but he scored some lovely goals last season as he demonstrated both finesse and the ability to thump the ball towards goal:

Pictures from Sky Sports

The only real weakness in his game just now is his ability in the air, so it will be interesting to see if he can work on that and eventually profit from the crossing ability of Alex Telles when he finally works his way up to fitness.

The Brazilian demonstrated at Porto that he will put in some perfect crosses with plenty of power so they just need directed towards goal, and Greenwood will be in the position to take advantage if he’s on the far post.

The obsession in some quarters to tear him down and almost hope that he fails is worrying and bizarre on multiple levels, so sometimes it’s worth just focusing on the positives and enjoying what a player can do.

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