Manchester United star Marcus Rashford launches book club following free school meal campaign

Manchester United star Marcus Rashford is continuing to do wonders for the health and well-being of kids in this country.

After the success of his free school meals campaign, Rashford has now launched his own book club to encourage children to benefit from the ‘escapism’ of reading, according to Sky News.

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The England international says he was inspired to do this due to struggling to do much reading when he was a child, with his family often having to prioritise simply getting enough food on the table.

It’s clear Rashford is not content to just enjoy the wealth he’s benefited from since working his way up to becoming an elite Premier League footballer, with the 23-year-old proving a real inspiration as he looks to give something back to society.

Rashford will have already had a huge positive impact on children who might have gone hungry during the school holidays, and he’s now likely to give them a real boost with his book club too.

“I only started reading at 17, and it completely changed my outlook and mentality,” Rashford is quoted by Sky News.

“I just wish I was offered the opportunity to really engage with reading more as a child, but books were never a thing we could budget for as a family when we needed to put food on the table.

“There were times where the escapism of reading could have really helped me. I want this escapism for all children. Not just those that can afford it.

“We know there are over 380,000 children across the UK today that have never owned a book, children that are in vulnerable environments. That has to change.

“My books are, and always will be, for every child, even if I have to deliver them myself. We will reach them.”

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