Lionel Messi’s Barcelona exit inches ever-closer as he lambasts the club for making him into a scapegoat

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It was always wondered how Lionel Messi would eventually leave Barcelona, but almost every scenario was based on them parting on friendly terms.

His situation was always different to Cristiano Ronaldo’s because he had stayed with Barca for his entire career, so the most likely outcome would see him stay for his final great years before going to MLS or going back to Argentina if he didn’t retire at the Nou Camp.

The reality is now very different as a bitter exit appears to be inevitable, and Messi continues to show that he’s furious with the clubs with his latest comments.

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Football-Espana reported on some comments that were picked up by Mundo Deportivo, and it’s pretty clear that his patience is quickly running out with the club:

“I’m tired of always being the problem for everything at the club”

It doesn’t sound like the arrival of Ronald Koeman has improved Messi’s happiness either, so the only way this can really fix itself is through the Presidential elections next year where a change could see a new President who brings in a manager like Xavi who is liked and known to Messi.

It’s not impossible that those behind the scenes want to move on from Messi and they feel the only way to do that properly is to have the fans turn against him and almost force him to leave, but that’s not a good look for anyone.

This will only fuel the speculation that Messi is going to leave at the end of the season, and it currently looks like the most probable outcome.

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