Mido hits out at Liverpool star Mohamed Salah for attending his brother’s wedding

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We all knew that somebody would eventually speak out and try to blame Mohamed Salah for attending his brother’s wedding recently, but it’s surprising to see that it’s Mido.

The former Premier League striker wasn’t exactly hailed as a bastion of morality and selflessness during his career, so there’s a strong feeling of people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones with this one.

Salah contracted Covid-19 during international duty with Egypt last week and it’s largely credited to him attending his brother’s wedding, although it’s probably impossible to prove it definitely came from there.

Mido was recently on Egyptian TV speaking about this and his comments were picked up by Dutch outlet VI:

“Is there anyone who thinks Salah didn’t make a mistake by attending his brother’s wedding to 800 to 900 people? Coronary time? Isn’t that just wrong?’ He has the right to celebrate with his brother, but not during a pandemic.

“He’s coming to Egypt for the national team and not to attend his brother’s wedding. The people love Salah, you saw this at the wedding. Hundreds of people took pictures kissing him and now Salah has tested positive for the coronavirus. Isn’t there anyone from the union telling him he was wrong? The fear is just too great. If you let this go, the ship will sink. With all of you on board. And we’re being taken.”

There are conflicting reports about Salah’s action at the wedding with some images showing him social distancing and wearing a mask, while later footage suggested he wasn’t covering his face and he was very close to a lot of the guests.

It’s hard to criticise someone for attending their brother’s wedding and it could well be that Liverpool decide their player should’ve been more responsible, but it’s hard to take Mido that seriously when you look at his lifestyle and actions in the past.

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