Tottenham star brings his likeability into question by revealing passion for polarising pop group

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Tottenham star Heung-min Son, who is known as one of the most likeable players in the Premier League, has just revealed his love for BTS.

Son is not only one of the best players in England’s top tier, but he’s never come across as egotistical or malicious, rather modest and likeable.

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Unfortunately, he’s just gone and ruined it for himself by revealing that his favourite in the music industry are Korean supergroup BTS.

Ordinarily, it’s teenage girls who declare themselves as BTS faithful’s, taking to Twitter to showcase their support for the group.

However, in this case, showing his loyalty for his homeland, Son has.

You could argue it’s an easy answer for him, but if you asked Harry Kane who his favourite band were, the chances are he’s not going to say One Direction.

Maybe that’s us misjudging the Tottenham striker, but you get the impression he’s more of an Oasis man.

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