“Two bob agent being amateurish” – Steve Bruce publicly slams agent of Newcastle United star after transfer rumours

It’s understandable that an agent is always going to try to get their player the biggest move possible, but they also need to think about how their actions will reflect on their client.

If they come across as completely unprofessional and unreliable then they might manage to deal with a few desperate clubs in the transfer market, but eventually they’ll be ridiculed and ignored.

Miguel Almiron’s agent is now approaching that territory after his recent actions, so it’s good to see that Steve Bruce is having absolutely none of it.

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Almiron’s representative had recently been sounding off in the press by trying to link his client with a move to Inter Milan, although he also had to admit that there hadn’t been a bid or any real interest so far.

The Telegraph have since picked up on Bruce’s response to this, and it’s delightfully damning of the agent:

“I couldn’t miss the comments, they were that outrageous they bordered on ridiculous. It’s, probably, again, a two bob agent being amateurish. Why would you put your client in that position?”

It’s a fair point from Bruce because he goes on to point out that Almiron has never come to him with a problem about anything so it’s strange for a third party to just start making statements in the press.

It’s probably accepted that Almiron will eventually be sold on for a profit if he plays well and everyone will benefit from that, but having an agent simply trying to name clubs in a desperate search for attention isn’t going to help matters.

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