Arsenal favourite Mesut Ozil beautifully shuts Piers Morgan down on Twitter with a phone hacking response

Arsenal may not be getting value for money from Mesut Ozil when it comes to him actually playing football, but he’s continuing to play the PR game perfectly and his popularity continues to increase.

Alarm bells are ringing on someone’s personality when everyone’s first instinct is to begrudgingly agree with them even if they make total sense, but that’s the case with Piers Morgan.

For those who aren’t familiar with Morgan’s work he’s quite a tough one to describe. He’s the type of individual who believes playing devil’s advocate is a personality trait rather than occasionally necessary in a debate, while it’s also hard to figure out who he’s actually meant to appeal to.

He’s also got a previous with phone hacking scandals and was named as the guilty editor in a high court judgement a few years ago, so it means he has nowhere to go after this beautiful reply from Ozil on Twitter:

Morgan was trying to make the point that Ozil should leave Arsenal and he’s potentially right if Arteta doesn’t reinstate the German in January, but it’s also none of his business.

Ozil clearly has a glorious future in PR ahead of him when he finally decides to hang up his boots, and it’s almost impossible not to like him just now.

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