Barcelona star to put his club in an impossible position by demanding salary increase amid widespread pay cuts

Securing a decent pay rise often comes down to good timing as well as deserving one, so it’s going to be interesting to see how Barcelona deal with this.

The Mail recently reported that Barca need to save around £170m so they are hoping to get the players to agree to cut 30% of their wages, but that has so far been unsuccessful and it’s leading to a lot of resentment within the club.

What that does tell you is this is probably the worst time to try and force a salary increase from the club, but ESPN have indicated that Ansu Fati and his agent Jorge Mendes will still look to try.

They believe that his recent performances and summer interest from Man United will give them leverage over the club to agree a new deal, but Barca have all the power here.

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It’s confirmed that his current deal still has two years left to run and the club have the option to add two more, while his release clause stands at €400m so there’s no danger of that being triggered either.

It leaves Barca in an impossible position because Fati is the future of the club and he needs to be kept happy, but the rest of the squad will rightfully be furious if they have to give up wages so someone else can have an increase.

Fati is currently out injured so that just adds to the fact that his timing is dreadful here, but it will be fun to see how Barca manage to make a mess of this too.

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