Video: Roberto Firmino may be cursed after the ball somehow fails to go in for him against Leicester City

It’s been well publicised that Diogo Jota is scoring freely while Roberto Firmino is not, but you do have to wonder if he’s cursed after this miss tonight.

You can watch the clip multiple times and you still expect that the ball is going to go in, but somehow a combination of the goalposts and Kasper Schmeichel manage to keep him at a bay:

It’s proof that it’s sometimes better to be lucky than good, but Firmino must be wondering what he needs to do at this point, and this graphic shows how close he came to scoring:

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  1. abdul says:

    the real ball is a 3D object and has volume and as such should be treated as a 3D object. Not a 2D object! The unit of measure to be used should be the percentage of the ball volume and not the diametrical length. If 99% of the ball is in then it should be a goal! or use the middle of the white line as the datum point at which length can be used to confirm whether goal or no goal.

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