“If someone tells me again about contracts, I go really nuts!” Jurgen Klopp launches savage attack at fixture schedule

Wow! Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has not held back in his recent criticism of the current fixture congestion which is arguably the main cause behind such an increase in player injuries.

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Yesterday’s late Premier League kick-off saw Klopp’s Liverpool thump fellow title contenders Leicester City 3-0, but what should have been a cause for celebration was tainted after boss Klopp launched a brutally honest attack at the current fixture schedule.

The new 2020-21 campaign has seen last season’s five substitutions rule scrapped which has forced managers back to making just three traditional subs.

Whilst not normally a problem, we are not living in usual times and given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, players are not only forced to play as many games as usual but in a much more condensed period of time, they’re also required to be sidelined should they test positive for the novel virus, despite often displaying no symptoms.

Domestic football has recently returned after a nonsensical two-week international break saw Europe’s top talent compete in the Nations League.

The recent international break saw players from all clubs suffer a spate of injuries which prompted BBC Sport to assess the damage each club has suffered.

Speaking after his side’s Premier League match last night, Liverpool’s Klopp did not mess around when giving his thoughts on the current fixture congestion to Sky Sports.

It is understood that Klopp’s savage attack was cut from broadcast but the German’s comments have been relayed by leading football writer James Nalton who works for the BBC.

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  1. Stephen Peers says:

    Totally, just commonsence.
    Unfortunately the game is being spoilt by these corporations who just want more bang for their buck regardless of circumstances.

    1. Leah Smith says:

      Totally agree Stephen – I am a Man United fan but I have to admit I agree whole heartedly with Klopp here. It’s becoming a joke of a sport.

      A game founded by the working class, taken over by the wealthy 1% and governed by the incompetent.

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