Premier League fans hit with strict restrictions ahead of stadium return

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Premier League fans are set to return to stadiums – but with strict rules in force over what they’re allowed to do, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

As mentioned in the report, the much-awaited news finally came today, that at the end of the current UK lockdown period, football fans will be allowed to return to stadiums for the first time since March.

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It’s what we’ve all been waiting for, but if this Daily Mail report is anything to go by, we’re still a long way away from matchday normality.

The Daily Mail report that singing, shouting and drinking alcohol will all be banned when fans return to stadiums, meaning that they’ll essentially be real-life versions of the cardboard cut-outs that were there prior.

Jokes aside, it’s all to help slow the spread of coronavirus, with the vaccine cavalry now just on the horizon. Though, it doesn’t mean that we can’t bemoan the absence of normality, as we have been for months now!

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