“Makes me sick” – Real Madrid fans react as Zidane still forces his favourite player into the starting XI vs Inter Milan

Every manager has one player who isn’t particular talented or popular, but they are reliable and hard working so it ensures that they always find a way into the team.

For Real Madrid and Zinedine Zidane that player is Lucas Vasquez, and it seems that the manager will always find any excuse to get him into the team.

It was necessary earlier in the season when Dani Carvajal went down with a long term injury, while Vasquez didn’t let anyone down when he filled in at right back.

Alarm bells are ringing when you look at the Real team which starts away to Inter Milan tonight, as Vasquez appears to have forced his way into the front three this time round:

Real do have a lot of injuries but players like Isco, Rodrygo, Vinicius Jr and Asensio are all on the bench and they are clearly superior to Vasquez, so it’s not a surprise to see plenty of the fans having a pop at Zidane over this one:

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  1. And now what will you critics of Vasquez say? He provided an assist to Rodrigo. Let’s learn to respect the coach’s decision as most of us Monday coaches know nothing.
    Vasquez is a hard worker, he goes front and comes back to defend…..! We need him.

  2. I personally think the decision to play Vasquez was right. Isco, Vinicius Jr and Asensio are really out of shape right now, they will get their chances later but this match was crucial, we needed someone who in good form and can run hard NOW. Plus they don’t/can’t help at back either, we know that Isco and Asensio are kinda’ slow runners. Rodrygo got his chance… and again, he is also a different kind of player than Vasquez.

  3. Guys , allow coach to do is job because he knows the player more more better than us. Even zidane don’t do mistake by starting Lucas varsques because for now Lucas better than , Asesio , vinnius jr,#halamadrid#

  4. The coach is doing all his best to see the team perform better, he knows the players thise that are in good shape those that will fill what he plans everthing, we should allow him to do his best, & now Vazquez delivers very well what else do you want we shouldnt be too critic please

  5. It is clear that zidane is a selfish coach, why using benzema who just come back from injury when mariano is there and and hungry for goal.

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