Report suggests Spurs promised Sergio Reguilon one of the stranger win bonuses you’ll see for victory over Man City

Footballers get a bad name for being greedy and just trying to hoover up as much money as they can, so you would expect that every win bonus will be financially motivated

That’s not always the case and it turns out that Sergio Reguilon is more easily pleased after some details emerged of a little bonus he earned after the team beat Man City at the weekend.

Jose Mourinho led his team to a 2-0 victory and it meant the Spaniard was allowed to bring his own ham into work as a result:

It’s an odd one on so many different levels, but it also makes you wonder how strict the diet regime is at Spurs if they wouldn’t allow this on a regular basis.

In fairness to Reguilon, Spain can boast a wide selection of fine meats while those in the UK tend to be stuck with the strange packets of ham which smell horrific when the pack is opened.

It will rightfully seem churlish to many, but if it results in any added desire to get a result then it’s never a bad thing.

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