‘The FA don’t care’ – Chelsea legend contends that football authorities don’t take racism seriously

The stain of racism still hasn’t been eradicated from the national game, with the Black Lives Matter protests the next step in drawing attention to the same.

Simply put, black football players and coaches have had enough, but more, much more, needs to be done in order to finally see racism given the red card.

One ex-Chelsea legend believes it’ll be a long drawn out process given that, in his opinion, the authorities are only paying lip service to the problem and don’t really care about it.

“Football clubs and the FA don’t care as long as they get people through the gates,” Alan Hudson told CaughtOffside.

“They truly don’t give a damn. If they have a ground full of 60,000 who paid to get in they’re happy, everything has come down to greed and power.”

It’s a controversial point of view on a hot potato topic, and one which is continuing to prove divisive.

“I’m a great believer in ignoring the racists and it will disappear,” Hudson continued.

“I remember a fan throwing a bottle of beer at George Best as he was taking a throw-in and George lifted it upside down to tell whoever threw it that ‘its no good to me it’s empty.’ He laughed and got on with the game.

“That’s the answer. Ignoring them takes away all of their power.”

Those in the corridors of power and at the clubs themselves need to take the lead of course.

Calling racism out when it’s seen or heard is a start, but then hoping it will fade into the background after shining a light on it isn’t really the right way to be dealing with the problem.

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