Barcelona Presidential hopeful makes bold promises over Neymar, Messi and Xavi

Presidential elections in football are pretty much the same as national politics – candidates line up to make outrageous promises that they can’t keep, before spending the next few years saying they were taken out of context.

Neymar is the big topic this year when it comes to Barcelona and the hopeful nominees, but Emili Rousaud has set his stall out early with a major promise.

According to Marca the presidential hopeful has revealed that he will be signing two top quality players for Barcelona when he takes over, and one of them will be Neymar.

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They do go on to confirm that he’s been clever with his promise on the other player by refusing to give a name, so at least he can salvage some credibility there when they sign yet another veteran stop-gap by claiming that it was in the manifesto all along.

Part of his plan to bring Neymar back does involve the Brazilian dropping the lawsuit he had against the club for unpaid bonuses and wages, so it could be a cunning ploy to save money that way.

Once the lawsuits are dropped he can then work on framing PSG and Neymar as the bad guys before claiming it wasn’t his fault that he couldn’t live up to his big promise, or maybe he can bring him back after all.

He didn’t stop there with the big promises as he revealed part of his plan to keep Lionel Messi around is to name the stadium after him, while he also wants to get Xavi, Puyol and Iniesta involved with the running of the club too.

If you wanted to be especially cynical you could suggest that all Sousaud is doing is saying anything he thinks might make the fans happy without thinking about the logistics of how it’s meant to happen, but again, this is just like real life politics.

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