Zlatan Ibrahimovic meets with Sweden’s coach as he eyes a EURO 2021 comeback

It’s strange how some countries can build their teams around an absolute megastar, while others seems to thrive once they retire and they can focus on being a team again.

Wales and Gareth Bale are the perfect example of a side who can work perfectly as a team to allow their star player to shine, while it always felt like Zlatan Ibrahimovic was holding Sweden back somehow.

It wasn’t down to his individual talent because he was so much better than those around him, but they’ve certainly become a better side after his international retirement.

There was the occasional rumour that he was looking to force a comeback for the World Cup in 2018, and now the same rumours about the Euros are starting up.

Mundo Deportivo have reported that he’s actually met with Sweden’s coach to discuss coming out of retirement for the tournament, but it’s not clear if this will actually happen.

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It must be demoralising for the current squad who qualified for the tournament if he does return because they’ve put in all the hard work to get there, while Zlatan would simply sweep back in once the big tournament comes along.

It was also mean that someone will lose their place in the team while the harmony in the camp will be affected by a huge character coming in and it would be a risk to take.

There is a history with this in Sweden as Henrik Larsson did it a couple of times, although he is spoken of much more highly as a personality and a team member when compared to Zlatan.

It would be fascinating to see him make this return and you know he would produce one signature moment that makes the highlight reel of the tournament, but would it come at the expense of success for the team?

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