BBC suspend pundit after viewers complained at use of the word ‘handbags’

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In a world of political correctness gone mad, surely the latest decision by the British Broadcasting Corporation takes the biscuit.

Football, being the man’s game it has always been, occasionally boils over and the line is crossed in terms of acceptable behaviour.

Steve Thompson was working for BBC Radio Lincolnshire during Lincoln City’s 0-0 draw away at Accrington Stanley last weekend when a fight broke out between players from both sides.

Describing the action before him, Thompson referred to it as ‘handbags,’ a well-known term where football is concerned that, for all intents and purposes, means that such fisticuffs are nothing serious.

However, according to The Sun, some listeners were offended by the term and complained to the BBC who promptly took action to suspend Thompson.

“After listeners raised concerns, Steve acknowledged some of his comments on air didn’t meet the standards we expect,” The Sun report a BBC statement as saying.

Thompson, who both played for and managed Lincoln was said to be devastated by the decision.

If nothing else, it highlights just how severely out of touch the BBC has become of late.


  1. Need to man up. Another term that is commonly used and now not allowed due to not meeting the garbage standards.

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