Freddie Ljungberg opens up on the reasons why he had to leave Arsenal

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Before Arsenal decided on taking Mikel Arteta on as first-team manager, another old boy, Freddie Ljungberg, helped to smooth the transition from the days of Unai Emery.

The Swede had retained the respect of those at the club from his playing days, so it was a shame that he felt he needed to leave the north Londoners not too long after Arteta had got his feet under the table.

The reasons why he felt compelled to do so have now been made clear.

“What changed on a match day was that I would sit up in the stand to look down. I’d have an earpiece with the bench,” he was quoted as saying by the Daily Mirror.

“I would say how the opponents pressed.

“If there was a hole somewhere, if one of their players was not holding the line, if we should attack on that side or we’re having a problem with something, our player isn’t doing what we’ve coached in the week.

“It can be difficult to see everything when you sit down there (in the dugout), so I made notes, did drawings, I’d speak to the bench, come down at half-time and tell them what I’d seen.

“Of course, it was different from being on the bench but that was what Mikel’s staff wanted and (what) I had to accept and do.”

The Spaniard has opined that he expects to see the Swede in the opposition dugout at some point in the near future, but it does beg the question why Arteta couldn’t find a higher profile role for him at the Emirates Stadium.

Perhaps Ljungberg might end up making his way back to the Gunners at some point in the future, with or without Arteta in situ.

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  1. Yes I really Respect Freddie decision to leave Freddie is our Legend very respected in the Arsenal Family he has done a lot with us on and off the Field as a player and Coach . Arteta can not be compeared to him when it’s come to Football Period.

  2. It was clear that Ljungberg had an input in team selection and promoting players not ready for EPL. He was Emery’s prodigy. HAS NO MAN MANAGEMENT OR EPL COACHING EXPERIENCE or badge. PERIOD. Get this under your belt and start with the second division, learn how to manage, secure a promotion, manage at the first division, and demonstrate your unique ability before being promoted to EPL coaching and management. Once all these are successfully negotiated, depending on your performance in the EPL The Arsenal may consider you as a Coach in 5 years and maybe a Manager in no less than 10 years. The legendary status is already nearly damaged. Behave!

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