“Why are we ruining it?” – Liverpool star wants VAR scrapped in wake of controversy at Brighton

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While speaking to Match of the Day, Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has revealed that he wants VAR scrapped.

Liverpool have every right to feel hard done by after today’s draw with Brighton.

Although there’s an argument that both decisions made against them, Mohamed Salah’s offside little toe and Andy Robertson’s soft tap of Danny Welbeck leading to a penalty, were correct, they were seriously pedantic, and that’s not what VAR was brought into the game to do.

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Henderson, who had a goal of his own ruled out at the tail end of the Merseyside Derby, having already wheeled off celebrating in front of the TV cameras, is clearly not a fan, as he revealed in this interview with Match of the Day – during which he agreed that VAR in it’s current state ought to be scrapped.

He goes on to ask a pretty frank question – “why are we ruining it?”, the it being the beautiful game…

The problem is not VAR but rather the implementation of it. The problem is, you have to completely go back to the drawing board to correct that, and we’re already in the midst of the season now.

Those who are not content with VAR in it’s current form are going to be forced to endure it for the foreseeable, unfortunately, but there’s few that would disagree with the fact that changes need to be made.

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  1. VAR is ruining the game because it is now forensically refereed from Stockley Park. No one claimed for a penalty today and most people were unaware that a foul had been committed. VAR will turn people away from the game and could have further social consequences such as domestic violance because of the frustrations it causes. I understand that this should not be a reason for such behaviour but this is the world we live in. It is obvious the whole issue needs to be reconsidered because whether or not VAR is correct, there is no doubt it is killing both the enjoyment and the game itself.

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