Video: Wrexham goalkeeper lays motionless after being KO’ed by onrushing striker

Wrexham goalkeeper Rob Lainton sustained a nasty looking head injury during his side’s 1-1 draw with Bromley this afternoon.

As the Bromley striker raced through on goal, with full intention of playing the ball, Lainton fearlessly flung himself in the direction of the ball, instead making contact with the onrushing striker’s knee.

Though it doesn’t look like a lot on first viewing, Lainton was out cold after the incident. If you watch it again, you’ll notice the knee made direct contact with his head, leaving him laying motionless.

You fear the worse when a goalkeeper looks like that after that kind of impact, but thankfully, it doesn’t appear as though the damage done to Lainton is anything too serious.

Wrexham took to Twitter after the game to confirm that he had been discharged from hospital and would be travelling home with his teammates – which is absolutely fantastic to hear.

He’s going to have one hell of a headache in the morning, no doubt. Get well and stay well, Rob Lainton!

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