Diego Maradona’s doctor arrested and charged with negligence that led to the legend’s death

There was always going to be plenty of news stories in the aftermath of Diego Maradona’s passing, so thankfully the vast majority has purely been players and managers paying tribute to the Argentine legend.

Unfortunately there have been a few unsavoury stories popping up, but this report from Marca may be the most troubling after they reported that Maradona’s doctor has been arrested and charged with possible negligence that led to his passing.

It’s suggested that over 60 people were involved as the police were given a warrant to raid his home and his surgery, with the result being that the doctor will need to testify in front of a jury over a charge of culpable homicide.

The case seems to revolve around the decision for Maradona to leave a hospital to go home shortly before his death, with questions being asked about who allowed him to be discharged and why there wasn’t any medical help placed at his home in case something happened.

It sounds like this is a case that could take months if not years to reach a conclusion, but it’s horrible to think that mistakes have been made that led to his death.

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