“I wanted Emery out for less” – These Arsenal fans question Mikel Arteta’s position after loss to Wolves

There were some clear signs of life at Arsenal last season after Mikel Arteta took over, while the FA Cup win suggested that they were ready to kick on and make a genuine run for the top four.

That feeling was only strengthened after a good start to the season and some seemingly smart transfers, but it still looks like a case of same old Arsenal now.

Their best players tend to go missing when it matters, the defence is a clear weak point and there just appears to be a total lack of leadership on the field so it becomes a never-ending cycle.

Mikel Arteta will be wondering what he can actually do to fix this because there’s not enough money to go out and buy several experienced players who will make the team better, while it’s not a good environment for the young players to come into either.

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The defeat to Wolves this evening has left them in 14th place but that possibly makes it sound worse than it is. A few wins will catapult them back up the table, but it’s hard to see where they will come from and they could easily lose touch with the top half quite quickly.

It’s probably too soon to wonder if Mikel Arteta is going to be sacked, but plenty of fans are starting to question what he actually brings to the table at this point:

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  1. just let him go out from our since he is not ready to win no play makers that can create chances and goals please sack him b4 our next meeting

  2. Can’t understand Mr Mikel, he is not the right man for this job. He dose not understand this game call football

    1. when he was appointed i was hoping mad i said what is his resume and what qualifies him to be a manager i feel he was a bargain buy and a yes man i heard mourinho had no interest and allegi was not keen we are stuck with him

  3. I saw this coming once we hounded Wenger out without a proper succession plan in place.
    We will soon join the managerial merry-go-round circus.

  4. Not impressed!
    Arteta still copies Pep, but can’t walk the same walk and not a great tactical coach.
    Some of the upcoming youngsters are good, but are they all better than Ozil???

  5. He doesn’t have the quality to lead arsenal and the qualification to the head coach at arsenal he should know that arsenal has never been relegated from Epl let him not be the man to sent arsenal to the championship

  6. His lossing matches because of his hate of good prayers like Ozil and Guenduzi. He must be very careful because these players has got friends in the team. Arsenal is not his level of coaching,he must leave

  7. Arteta has 5 games to save his job . His wholesale changes from Europa league to epl could be a reason.
    From a high of winning the FA cup ,Arsenal are floating aimlessly in the choppy waters of the epl,the most competitive league in the world.
    Arsenal were 3-0 down to Inter . Nobody gave them a chance in the return leg. The gunners smashed the Italians 5-1.But then Arsenal had wc players.
    Arsenal must summon everything to beat the auld enemy otherwise it could be another nail in the coffin

  8. If the team liked how Arteta wants them to play they would be winning but the sad fact is that they are not, they take so few shots at goal it is as though they have been forbidden to shoot. Where is the passion, the hunger, the heart, the pride? Stop paying players so much they don’t deserve it!!! Play the youngsters who want success and let them play with flare, don’t hold them back with tactics they don’t like and which are not working!!!!

  9. Arsenal’s front line is giving back line problem, and that has nothing to do with Arteta please send all mide field and current strikers away and get new in. Is clear these people are fighting the club.

  10. I have always said that Arteta should not be a manager for Arsenal. He does not know what, he wants for arsenal fc. You can’t play players who are good to bring positive results, and you expect positive results. There is no playing for lady lack to win games. Let us watch where your ego is taking u. They say a fool is the only one who will enter the lions den. We are here watching since ur ears have been blocked with stones. U will eventually unblock them on your way out.

  11. Enough is enough arteta must go , reason we have never seen 3 consecutive premier league home defeat never ever seen so must sucked to him club a lone

  12. Arteta is not the problem but the team owners who thinks that Arsenal is asmall team moreover with all coaches

  13. it is shocking seeing a club i have loved for over 30 years 3 losses at home 5 losses 1 point from 3 games you know every NLD i look forward to it this time around i am not going to the pub not watching skysports not listing to talksport i know the tots will do a demolition job on us i predict 4-0 to tots arteta will just park the bus and pray for a goal on the counter laca and auba will miss sacred chances we will start of slowly we will be outplayed we will not create nothing we are crap simple as that

  14. Arteta came to Arsenal with Guadiola’s masterplan and won afew games, but other coaches have found ways to beat him. And he has no Plan B. He is now a confused boy.
    Arteta came with list of players Guadiola wanted.
    On his own, he has nothing, zero experience.
    Instead taking a small team to learn through trial and error, he choose a big team like Arsenal; look at him now.
    He started from the top therefore he must go down. If he started from the bottom then he would climb up.
    Guadiola started from Barca Team B for 2-3 years, made mistakes and learnt.
    I just pity him but he thinks he is Guadiola

  15. Never in a million years a manager, probably a coach in the near future but will not be hired at a top 10 EPL team. Worse than Emery’s, Best at setting – The wrong records. The defining moment was when he fight to bring back Ceballos -The Crass – and exile Ozil – The Class (though City’s ex-assistant Coach has not got the b…s to admit it). Agent Arseteta must go now and please take the Crass – REPELLED BY LA LIGA – with him. A serious clear out is needed and bring players from the lower leagues, players with personalities, strong character, FIGHTING SPIRIT. Next appointment, please during the interview, the one who scratches his chin is probably telling porkies – unfit for The Arsenal.

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