Ominous signs for Mikel Arteta as he makes Arsenal history for all the wrong reasons

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Every player or coach will dream of being the one who leads a team towards making history, but this probably isn’t exactly what Mikel Arteta had in mind.

Their loss to Wolves this evening means they’ve taken a total of 13 points from their opening 10 games – the lowest ever total for an Arsenal team in their Premier League history:

That stat looks even worse when you consider that they had a bright start and won three of their first four games, so it suggests that they’ve had a sudden and fatal decline rather than struggling for consistency to start the year.

The biggest problem is that it’s impossible to see how they can instantly turn this around, because there are so many problems that need to be fixed.

You also have to start looking at Arteta and some of the decisions that he’s been making. The team is struggling in defence so should he have done something different with William Saliba?

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The team is also lacking a creative presence but Mesut Ozil was left out of the squad, while Arteta also tired to get too clever and he forced Aubameyang into a wider role that hasn’t worked either.

The stat confirms that Arteta is not having a good time at Arsenal so far, but it’s hard to see how they turn this round.

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  1. I like Arteta. But he is definitely void of ideas and tactics. It is not enough to shout from the touch line. The whole team lack cohesion. Arsenal players must stop this backward play… They draw trouble to themselves by not moving the ball. Arteta does not have the experience and mental strength to take Arsenal forward – PERIOD..!!!

    1. he is a novice i can understand why he jumped at the chance to go from being peps side show bob to managing arsenal but his inexperience is starting to show

  2. Lack of club ambition eg, owner and the board, and players recruitment is killing arsenal team! Imagine, the worth of Aston Villa and wolves team is probably a third of arsenal team, so for me, getting the right players and owners ambition is key to arsenal revival, if the owner was a bit ambitious like the noisy neighbour, they would have gone for ancelloti, Morinho or beisla of leeds , no disrespect to artete, I think a team chasing glory must go for someone with a wining history not a rookie!

  3. Without assurance of massive investment in the right position no experience coach will take the job. That’s why they are sticking with Arteta. He tried to patch up our lack of creativity in middle by playing 3-4-3. But it put the team under pressure for most part of the match while we create little. Now that he tried to open up a little, teams are just cutting us open like knife on butter. It’s a conundrum!

  4. I believe Arteta is a decent coach…. Maybe he is finding it difficult to get the players to play the way he wants… Or he thinks he doesn’t have the players to play the way he wants….

    Again, getting the defense sorted first is good… But I think it has put arsenal in a difficult situation…

    Lampard last season knows hazard who scored 50% of Chelsea’s goals the season before he came is gone, and the team has no reliable goalscorers… Lampard made his team attacking in the expense of his defense to get goals… The same thing klopp did when he took over Liverpool…

    Maybe arteta should go that direction…

  5. Arsenal have some great players but there is a reason why they are underperforming. The players themselves know and they need to come out and say it. Perhaps how Arteta is asking them to play is the problem – they don’t like it? Perhaps those who are paid too much have no hunger. All other teams are attacking all the time, Arsenal never seem to shoot at goal – pathetic tactics – for goodness sake take a shot!
    I would leave the overpaid completely out of the team for the next three matches and play the young players who have heart and passion. If you are going to lose anyway, let the youth try.

  6. Artata is the worst manager we had terry Niel was better then him Artata does note now what to do he does not no what winning means his a disgrace he is not fit to be Arsenals manager get him out we could end up 18s this session thats how bad we are Artata must go now before its to late

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