Video: Worrying scenes as Raul Jimenez is stretchered off after nasty head collision with David Luiz during Arsenal vs Wolves clash

You can always tell from the reaction of the players if something dreadful has happened on a football pitch, so you had to fear the worst when you saw the events between Arsenal and Wolves today.

In the fourth minute of the tie, Raul Jimenez and David Luiz were involved in a nasty clash of heads as they both contended for the ball at the near post following a corner.

Arsenal defender Luiz required treatment but continued to play after a bandage, unfortunately the accident left Jimenez needing to be stretchered off.

*Warning – contains distressing scenes of injury*

Pictures from Sky Sports

It’s just an awful thing to see because clearly Jimenez is severely hurt, David Luiz looks sore and shaken up and the other players on the pitch have to be affected by this too.

There were no official updates at the time, but it’s since been confirmed by The BBC that Jimenez is conscious and responding to treatment so it sounds like good news.

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