Football stadiums in Tier 2 will be able to serve alcohol without a substantial meal

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As the new tiers around the United Kingdom come into effect following the end of the second lockdown in 2020, so a new set of rules and regulations needs to be got used to.

One of those that would appear to be the most controversial is that establishments, mainly public houses, will not be able to serve alcohol unless it is accompanied by a ‘substantial meal.’

Conservative cabinet minister, Michael Gove, on behalf of the Government and cited by The Guardian, recently clarified that a substantial meal could even be something as light as a scotch egg, but that type of food is generally not served at football stadiums.

With clubs that are in tier two allowed to have supporters back in the ground as from this weekend, the Daily Star note that the substantial meal rule will not need to be adhered to.

However, patrons will have to remain seated on the concourse whilst drinking their pint, and won’t be allowed to face the pitch or take drinks back to their seat.

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