‘He’d be a big player’ – Jack Wilshere identifies the player to solve Arsenal’s goalscoring problems

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It’s not been the best season for Arsenal’s attacking players, with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s golden touch in particular deserting him in 2020/21.

The Gunners are way down in 14th position in the Premier League after their recent home loss to Wolverhampton Wanderers – the first time the Midlanders have beaten Arsenal away since 1979 – and have scored just 10 goals in their 10 games.

That’s the worst record of every team bar the bottom three of Sheffield United, Burnley and West Bromwich Albion.

Former Arsenal midfielder, Jack Wilshere, believes he knows the solution to the club’s goalscoring problems, and it’s one that won’t cost the club a penny.

“I think he’d be a big player in that team,” Wilshere said on Sky Sports, cited by the Daily Star.

“I would love to see [Mesut] Ozil play in that team under Arteta but obviously that’s not happening at the moment.

“He could get on the ball and feed the likes of Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette. I loved played with him. He was a top player.

“It’s a shame but what is happening is happening and no one knows, but I’m sure everyone will find out one day.”

Given how poorly the Gunners are struggling in front of goal, it certainly isn’t the worst suggestion in the world from Wilshere.

Mikel Arteta has shown himself to be a strong manager, but sometimes that means accepting your own mistakes and swallowing a bit of pride.

Ozil coming back in from the cold could really spark their season. Can the Spaniard really risk keeping him sidelined at this stage?

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  1. Bonaroca:- I admire Mr Arteta’s character but at such point this could put the manager at a disadvantage with certain players. In my opinion Ozil & Lacazette should really be in the team at this point. I would prefer to see them playing
    instead of Luis & Willan. The defence would be more settled with Bellerin, Holden,Gabriel & Tierny. Obviously Arteta has enough talent in the mid field area to back up his forwards.
    Arsenal have the talent, its up to the manager to get the best out of them when picking up the team.

    1. U talk as an fan who never played football you just a follower of Arsenal, David Luiz deserve to be on starting lineup you like it or not, David is the only defender who can make strikers score I mean the likes of Aube and Laca. David can pass the ball from the back straight to our strikers,then the passes like that we need the quality of Aub & Lac so that they can utilize those balls, those passes we use to call them bridging during our days, Another thing is Unai Emery did positional changing on David put him in front of four defenders like we can’t have all anchor mans with same style of play,Thomas,Elmneny,Seballious,Xhaka and on, and our coach must bring back Ozil,the team with stable midfielders it’s not easy to break through their defense and another thing Willian must not start ahead Pepe thank you bye.

  2. Rest Auba give Balogun & Nekeita a chance bring Ozil and Gwendouzi back into the fold. Drastic action required now ! Please Edu / Arteta let pride happen before fall into the abyss of relegation because that would be a disaster. Remember Man U got relegated not many years ago.

  3. §. Arsenal midfield is full of robbotic type of players who lacks creativity in the area ending with many back passess as if they are just warming making our strikers dull throut the game

  4. Why did artetar let goudouz go? Just because of one incident? He had to put him cold and latter sent him off. If u CNT know how to handle players who are furious then artetar is not a coach enough, players also like bollatelli, Diego Costa, and so on

  5. As a long suffering Gunner fan of over 40 years this state of Arsenal failures on the pitch is very hard to take.
    There is obviously a problem with Arteta selecting Ozil in the team. Either he has been forced by the owners not to select Ozil due to political reasons (China) and/or Covid demand from the club for a wage reduction which Ozil rightly questioned. How much did the top brass in Arsenal reduce their wages?? As it turned out Arsenal made 50-odd people redundant anyway and Ozil’s wage cut would not have saved them.
    Arteta says he’s honest by saying he is keeping Ozil out due to footballing reasons. Really? Is that honesty? Is Arteta saying Ozil not good enough when in training he shows his skills? In a squad of 25-odd players? Arteta, as a manager, selected Ozil for the first 5 games, then Covid came along and suddenly Ozil is not selected!!
    Auba/Lacazette are left stranded up front with no one able to supply passes to him. Statistics show that when Ozil is playing, he is the one supplying the precise passes needed to create scoring chances.
    Everyone can see that the entire Arsenal team have shown lack of desire on the pitch. This comes from the manager who is not showing that the players need to be treated fairly. It filters down to other players when a talented player like Ozil is sidelined for non footballing reasons. The fans, players and the club are the eventual losers.
    Players like Ozil, Guenduzzi, Papadopoulos, etc sidelined. But others like Ceballos picking fights with David Luiz and again fighting during pre-match practice on the pitch in front of cameras with another player – why no reprimand? Willian going to Dubai without permission and again no punishment? And both still selected to play?
    I was glad and hopeful when Arteta was appointed as a manager. Arsenal deserves better than the 14th place it occupies. Come on Arteta, swallow your pride and settle this matter. It is very obvious to all and sundry that Ozil is not selected is due to non-footballing reasons. Too glaring!! The club and players are losing from this impasse, and importantly the fans who pay the ticket prices (which are not the cheapest in PL) are disaffected.
    Arteta: Get Ozil back playing in the team. Let’s start getting some points on the board.

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