‘It is much easier to accept’ – Liverpool’s Andy Robertson has the perfect solution for VAR

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After having been part of the footballing landscape for roughly 18 months now, it does appear that VAR, or Video Assistant Referee to give it its full title, is here to stay.

If we wind back to the days before the technology was introduced, it’s comical to recall just how badly those within the game, and supporters, wanted VAR.

Ever since it’s been implemented, entirely the reverse reaction has been the most usual one.

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Clearly, that’s because the technology just doesn’t appear to be working in its current form.

Offside decisions are being scrutinised by the millimetre, and penalties are being given for handball decisions that are, frankly, a joke.

Liverpool’s Andy Robertson is one of many players that isn’t a fan of VAR, but he has offered a solution. Not to use it.

“When VAR came in we believed there would be no grey areas, it would all be black and white, and I don’t think we are quite getting that just now,” Sky Sports report him as saying.

“There are a lot of improvements to be made, we knew we had to be patient with VAR and it wouldn’t just be perfect overnight but we are now 18 months down the line and still the same mistakes are being made.

“But I was also watching the games [on Sunday] and I saw two very similar [challenges] on Marcus Rashford and Adama Traore that went unpunished and looked very similar to what I did to Danny Welbeck and both of them weren’t a penalty and mine was.

“For me, either all three have to be a penalty or all three aren’t. It is frustrating for teams to see certain decisions in different games go against them and they think it is very similar.

“We are just looking for consistency. We believed we would get that with VAR and maybe we aren’t getting it just now. Hopefully that can come in time because I think the game is crying out for it.

“I would rather leave it up to the referee’s naked eye. It is much easier to accept mistakes then than when so much technology is around it.”

By the end of the 2020/21 campaign it will be two years since VAR came into existence. That’s more than long enough for everyone to be fully au fait with how it works and to use their common sense when required.

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