Excellent news for Liverpool and Everton as City Council to approve return of fans to Anfield and Goodison Park

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The TV companies have done their best to bring some feeling of atmosphere to viewers in the Premier League since the grounds were closed off to fans, but there’s no doubt that the games are less fun to watch.

The only entertaining aspect of the fake crowd noise is when someone presses the wrong button or initiates fake booing of a referee, so we’ve all been waiting for the return of fans to stadiums.

Obviously it will be some time before we see sell-out crowds and a truly raucous atmosphere, but it looks like there’s some excellent news for fans of Liverpool and Everton:

It’s likely that those numbers will be limited to 2000 so that will present some problems for the clubs when it come to selecting which fans can attend, so hopefully they look to reward loyalty instead of selling tickets to the highest bidder.

It’s also important for attending fans to recognise that the scheme will only be extended and expanded if protocols are followed properly and it’s deemed to be a success, so that means doing everything to prevent any cases emerging from these games.