Solskjaer slammed by pundit for “bad coaching” and “absolutely crazy” Man United signing

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Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been slammed by pundit Frank Leboeuf for the way he handled the defeat to Paris Saint-Germain last night.

The Red Devils lost 3-1 at home to PSG, with two goals from Neymar and one from Marquinhos giving the Ligue 1 giants a big three points as things got up in Group H.

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Fred ended up getting sent off and Leboeuf thinks Solskjaer should have replaced the struggling Brazilian with either Paul Pogba or Donny van de Beek.

The Frenchman slammed Solskjaer for poor management on this, as it ended up costing the Norwegian tactician with Fred’s dismissal later on.

It’s certainly puzzling to once again see Van de Beek left out by Solskjaer, with the summer signing from Ajax barely getting any opportunities since his move and only entering the game in the 79th minute last night.

Leboeuf says that signing now looks crazy considering how little he’s been trusted by his manager.

“If you don’t have Pogba, you have Van de Beek,” said Leboeuf on ESPN, as quoted by the Metro.

“You have to really wonder why they bought Van de Beek during the pre-season. Because that’s absolutely crazy. And that’s some bad coaching.”

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  1. Solskjaer is clueless. Lacks tactical acumen. His failure to take Fred off cost us the game. So too his decision not to play vdbeek. Sadly when Woodward and the Glazers decide to pull the plug, it will be too late. We will be out of contention on all fronts. Ineptitude all round. Club is run with mediocrity.

    1. Totally agree with you but why has it took so long for others to realise this. He cost us in two finals last season through being inept with his substitutions and could have also stopped further progression in the Champions league now with his tactical naivety. Loved Ole as a player but he should have realised by now he’s out of his depth.

  2. I agree – VDB was top draw the weekend why bring back an out of form Tony Martial to leave him out when we need to keep the ball and make a PSG work hard for the win – I have always questioned his tactical awareness top player does not mean top coach. Dont think he will be sacked he has saved Utd a fortune and does not rock the boat – they are not bothered about winning nowt just money. Pick your best players and work out a formation to suit them!

    1. totally agree top player does not mean top coach. I would not blame Fred he is the type of player that works his socks off and sometimes late – the manager should have substituted him immediately after the head butting incident, weak management. He is too weak to be a top coach. Wants to be too pally with the boys instead of having a certain distance between being a former player and a manager.

  3. The team selection was very strange,De Gea lets in too many at his near post coming out feet first, he should be nowhere near the first team. Martial and Pogba straight back in,though they are well out of form, Van Der Beek should be automatic choice. Why did Ole not bring on a winger ie Dan James when we needed a goal, his team selection, Tactics, and Substitution nous is poor he needs to go before this season becomes a write off.

  4. If Frank Leboeuf is so good? why is he a pundit
    and not a coach, maybe it is easier to say than do

  5. Its really shame that we have such coach in our team. His pride and ego cost us last night. Fred shouldn’t be anywhere near the pitch in the second half. Stupid person like ole should be at home taking care of his wife.

  6. Ridiculous. Rotation is a thing. Nothing wrong with showing trust in your players and allowing them to play on, to take responsibility for themselves, it’s not up to the coach to treat their players like children. One of the things Solskjaer is clearly very big on is getting the players to be accountable to themselves, so it’s no surprise for me that he chose to keep him on.

    Ultimately, that’s what you want in a top team in big matches, players who know that in the end, it’s up to them. No excuses.

    1. I totally agree with you.All players are necessary. Fred deserves respect. When he plays well every one is praising him,when he makes a blunder he is ridicu lously fired! Man u is a big club and every player is to be played and contribute to team success in a season. Even the great Keans, scholes, Garrys of this world once fought on the pitch. Who doesnt remember fights between Kean et al with viera et al? etc.So cut Fred some slack.He is hard working, dedicated, never complains about nothing.Very loyal. I know he shouldn’t have head batted or wherever, but he is not the first,so let him reflect an he will come back stronger and more responsible.

  7. Donny The Biscuit is a great addition and needs to be in the starting line up. Put an enforcer behind him to free him up and away you go.
    Far better option than Pogba or Fred at the moment, some odd team selections from OGS.
    And everybody on the planet, except OGS, KNEW Fred had to come off at half time!

  8. I understand that this is a strange season with matches compacted and no preseason but the constant changing of the line up is preventing any sort of rhythm in the team. If something is working why change it? He needs to pick a winning 11 and run with it til it needs to be changed. Yes Fred should have been taken off earlier, he was always on the verge of a red against PSG’s Tom Daley impersonators and should have been replaced with an hour gone. That would have given Donny or Pogba at least 30 mins to do something. The substitutions where reactionary and too late. The top clubs in England are complaining that 3 subs isn’t enough to protect the players yet Ole isn’t using his early enough or using more of the 5 he can in Europe.

  9. The Club is too big for Him. He is not the man to take us forward. Press the reset button and get someone who must be firm and forthright

  10. It’s time for OGS to stepdown as MU manager. He is not the right manager. Even after 2 years being MU manager he still doesn’t know his best 11. I’m surprised when we fans can predict the best 11 for each match….. but OGS fail to do it. Thanks to OGS for his efforts and its time for MU to move on with other successful manager.

    1. What did Alex Ferguson won after 2 years and in recent time what did Klopp won after 2 year at Liverpool.
      Stop the ignorance.

  11. I hate this comments, no one is to be blame for the lost but only Anthony martial, ole did a nice team selection, not every player is to be sent off when on yellow card ,I believe ole had it in mind to sub fred may be some minute before the red card , lets not blame the coach psg is a very good team .

  12. Just relieve OGS of his duties and save him from the pressure. It’s obvious the club is too big for him to manage so there is no way we can win anything with him at the wheel. Players always play as if it’s a charity game, without, no winning mentality and OGS says nothing except putting that ugly smile. Sir Alex Ferguson threw David Beckham’s face with boot for under performing in half time against Newcastle, he came back in the second half and it was a different result. OGS can’t even shout at his players. #OleOut

  13. What we all witnessed was the confirmation that Ole is not fit for purpose. Allowing Fred to return for the second off was very disappointing and a betrayal for the cause. I now share the believe that Manchester United need a new Manager to take the team forward. Well great players sometimes perform badly , even missing golden chances but leaving a player who escaped punishment for headbutting in a match of such magnitude is very irresponsible and inexcusable. Time to move on.

  14. ole should be sack, he lack tactic, a person like that is not suppose to coach man united,and martial i dont know what he is doing in man united.

  15. Seriously I do have a big dope if really ole can take this teams forward considering the way he made some decisions. please let him act fast, this time around Glaser will not be judge.

  16. I agree that OGS is not the man for MANU, but as far as his decision not to take Fred out, I personally think that Fred himself should have asked to be removed. If I am a professional and I had given away the amount of fouls that Fred did in the first half, I would have told the Manager to sub me out because the game is too big. Fred has to realize that the game is always bigger than one player. They get paid the big bucks to be a professional, with that comes a
    responsibility to make personal sacrifices for the club. So in my eyes Fred is just as much to blame as OGS, maybe more. If more players acted like professionals rather than acting like they are the biggest person on the team, MANU wouldn’t be where they are right now.

  17. Stop it! I totally disagree with you jordan,remember last season we were third,taken out in three semi-finals thats show yes we are progressing as a team and that are those of Ole’s achievements.If you don’t remember we beat psg twice and you were first to praise Ole and Fred for great things they were doing. Don’t be first to turn your back when isn’t working.

  18. Ole is a mediocre coach. He should have replaced Fred with Matic or Donny to save the team from the defeat. His focus should be to get stability with a winning team and when players make mistakes like Fred or become lazy like Martial often does, they should be immediately be replaced.Ole has great players but he is clueless on deployment and consistence.He is not tough enough to to take our team to great heights

  19. He is just a clueless and naive coach in-charge of a great club. Cannot read games and likes parking defense minded players who end up lowering pace of fast player.

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