FIFA implicated in another scandal with officials banking $250K for just three video calls during pandemic

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According to the New York Times, FIFA officials could earn $250K (£186K) this year for attending just three video calls. 

We have all been affective in different ways by the pandemic, but for the vast majority, the biggest impact has been on finances.

Whether you have been furloughed on less than your usual salary, made redundant or even seen your business crumble, the coronavirus chapter in history has been an unforgiving one.

Not for those overseeing the game of football, though. They’re sitting pretty, with no intention of making sacrifices to their annual salaries, even if it may seem appropriate.

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According to the New York Times, some FIFA representatives on their 37-strong panel of governors will still earn their full $250K (£186K) salaries this year, despite the unfavourable financial climate.

In fact, the report notes that some of them will only have to attend three video meetings in order to bank that amount – which is absolutely sickening to think.

A spokesperson for FIFA is quoted by the New York Times saying: “No additional major cost cuts were needed to secure FIFA’s continuous support to the global football community throughout the pandemic.”

But that’s not the point.

With clubs at the bottom of the football pyramid fighting for survival, that sort of money would be an absolute game-changer for them.

Why should these already cash-rich officials get paid such inflated wages for doing essentially nothing when football is in financial jeopardy?

This is the exact reason people are becoming more and more disillusioned when it comes to football’s governing bodies.