Tense scenes at Arsenal as a stormy players-only meeting held ahead of Spurs clash on Sunday

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There’s no doubting that Arsenal’s season hasn’t gone to plan so far, but it’s pretty difficult to figure out if there’s a collective problem at the club or if certain individuals are to blame.

Mikel Arteta’s tactical decisions do seem to either be sheer perfection or a total calamity so that won’t help matters, while there is a feeling that some players need to be contributing much more.

ESPN have reported that the squad held some kind of clear the air meeting earlier on in the week, so it will be interesting to see if that makes any difference to the team as they prepare to face Spurs on Sunday.

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It’s suggested that the entire squad and management initially had a meeting about improving their season, but the players decided to have an impromptu one on their own afterwards which was described as intense and stormy, with reports of raised voices and anger.

You have to imagine that this kind of thing probably happens at most clubs when things aren’t going well, but the report also indicates that this isn’t the first one they’ve had this season so it does suggest that something isn’t right behind the scenes.

If they can find a way to win against Spurs then all of this will be forgotten and it can even be spun into a positive thing, but you do have to worry about the squad imploding if they take a heavy beating from Jose Mourinho’s men.