“Mind boggling” – These fans not happy after Chelsea use stadium return as chance to flog £470 package

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Are Chelsea using the return of fans to stadiums as a money making opportunity, or are they just giving fans the stellar service they deserve?

That’s definitely up for debate after this information shared on Twitter by journalist Henry Winter, detailing an incredibly expensive, but luxurious, package on offer at Stamford Bridge for the Blues clash with Leeds this weekend.

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Fans’ return to football was supposed to be about getting the die-hard, home and away supporters back through the doors. The ones that have been desperately waiting for their football fix – not champagne-bathing, cash-rich diners.

Of course, it’s great that Chelsea fans have this luxurious option available for them, should they wish to enjoy their return to Stamford Bridge in style, but it just feels a little bit like Chelsea are trying to make a quick buck here.

That’s not what this is all about.

Fans will no doubt have been delighted at the prospect of returning to support the team – I know I certainly was – but less so about the idea of playing £470 for dinner and drinks at the Bridge.

Needless to say, these fans aren’t happy about it…