Why Liverpool cannot complain about absence of five-sub rule after Jurgen Klopp moans again

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Jurgen Klopp is almost making a parody of himself, having complained once again about the absence of the five substitute rule, with Liverpool not having brought it up at a meeting YESTERDAY.

Klopp has been voicing his concerns continually over the past few weeks over the same issue – the reduction of available substitutes to just the usual three. That’s despite the German not making full use of his available substitutes in the Champions League.

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He appears to be keen on picking and choosing when his players are in good enough condition to feature. In case you missed it, Klopp once again bemoaned the fact that the Premier League is currently only allowing teams to make three substitutes during games, while after lockdown there was a rule in force which allowed five.

This is a season like no other, in terms of fixture congestion. Players are being run into the ground, that we will agree with Klopp on. However, if he’s so desperate for the return of the rule, as he suggested in his presser – why did Liverpool not bring it up at a meeting between clubs yesterday? See the below tweet from Simon Stone.

It’s all well and good Klopp voicing his concerns on this issue in front of the media, but clearly he isn’t doing it front of his own club, or at least so it’s suggested by the fact they opted against bringing it up.

Or, and even more significantly, maybe they don’t agree with him?

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