‘Almost business as usual’ – Man United slowly getting back to normal after cyber attack

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Although it’s taken a couple of weeks, it appears that Man United are slowly recovering from a very sophisticated cyber attack on their computer systems.

It was believed that the hackers had got so deep into the infrastructure that there was genuine fear that customer data could’ve been compromised.

The Daily Mail suggest that the club were being held to ransom and there was even a suggestion that certain data had been encrypted by criminals so that United’s staff could no longer access it.

The outlet also understand that United didn’t meet the hackers’ demands and pay any money.

By Friday, sources at the club were noting that it was ‘almost business as usual,’ although some staff would still not be online until the early part of next week.

Despite it being a particularly testing time for the club, the upshot of the situation will be that their security will have been upgraded and systems surely unbreachable.