Video: Conclusive proof that Man United’s first goal at West Ham shouldn’t have stood

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It’s no wonder that West Ham manager, David Moyes, was up in arms that Manchester United’s first goal, scored by Paul Pogba, was allowed to stand.

In the lead up to the goal, United keeper, Dean Henderson, took a huge punt upfield and the angle at which he played the ball appeared to show the ball had arced out of play before dropping in behind the Hammers defence.

With neither the on-pitch officials nor VAR picking up on it the goal was allowed to stand.

A video of the incident below shows the best angle of what is clearly an error by the officials, whilst the graphic above offers conclusive proof.

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    1. If you do the same sketch 20mm further forward it is in optical illusion, you blowing bubbles.

  1. Sorry, British refereeing with its VAR is a joke and a mess. And is quickly destroying the beautiful game.
    Incidentally it is the same lineman who didn’t flag the McGuire handball which happened right in front of him in the first half. How pathetically sad.

  2. That’s not how it works. If you make the upper line longer and move the two bottom lines lower, you will think it was inside…

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