Wrexham getting the Hollywood treatment as epic documentary begins to take shape

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If anyone at Wrexham was in any doubt as to the intentions of their new owners, Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, the start of filming of a new documentary about the club has made it quite clear.

The non-league side were, on the face of it, an odd club for Reynolds and McElhenney to choose to own, however, there appears to be every reason to believe that they’re serious about their investment.

In order to ensure that the Welsh outfit have more mass appeal, the word clearly needs to get out, and to that end, BBC Sport are reporting that a new documentary is already being filmed.

“They [camera crew] asked to come and follow me the other day to do a couple of bits,” club captain, Shaun Pearson, speaking to Friday night’s Radio Wales Sport, cited by BBC Sport, said.

“I expected maybe two people to turn up and next thing I know there’s a couple of black vans, three cars and about 10 people jump out, all at my house.

“I’m thinking that this is something we’re not used to as players.

“We’ve had one person in with us for a few weeks and this week it’s gone up a notch with a lot more camera crews around.

“Now that we’re seeing a lot more cameras here we might see people in their best gear and definitely a few fresh haircuts.”

Far from being a piece of work just about the club, it seems that most of the town will have some sort of involvement, with Pearson noting that the camera crews are out and about on a daily basis, interacting with the locals.

“We’ve not been told what the line of it is going to be – we just know that they’re filming on a daily basis,” he added.

“It’s not going to be purely football as they’re getting out and about within the town with different people.

“I’m guessing it’s going to be the football club being at the heart of that type of thing rather than just purely football.

“It is the one thing in the town that brings more people together than anything else and if the football club is doing well then generally the town is doing well off the back of it.

“Everything improves with it so fingers crossed.

“The big thing for us as a group of players now is that it becomes another motivation – can we be the group that takes the club up?

“Since I’ve been here that’s what we’ve been desperate to achieve and whether that’s now, next year or whatever, we’re desperate to achieve it whilst I’m here.”

Let’s hope that when it finally airs, the documentary has the feel good factor and that, in the meantime, Reynolds and McElhenney’s involvement helps Wrexham back into the Football League.