“Beginning to have major doubts” – These Arsenal fans detail Arteta’s clear deficiency that’s ruining Arsenal’s season

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It’s often said that the team with better players will win a game, but today we also saw the difference that excellent coaching can make.

Spurs probably have the better overall squad but both teams are fairly evenly matched on paper, but you could just see that Jose Mourinho has built a team which knows how to get a result.

Everything Spurs did had a purpose and everyone knew where their teammate was going to be at all times, while Arsenal adopted a more scattergun approach and the lack of a plan was painfully obvious.

Every time they get the ball there’s a delay of a second or two while the ball carrier tries to figure out what run his teammate is going to make, but that’s just enough to allow the opposition to funnel back into their shape and deny any space.

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Mikel Arteta has to take most of the blame for that and it’s surprising to see because he was given a lot of credit for the way he organised the team when he first arrived, so something has gone wrong somewhere.

They never really looked like beating Spurs today and it’s understandable that the fans are hacked off, while you really do need to wonder if Arteta’s job could be on the line at some point soon:

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  1. Mikel Do Normally Fear Big Games And Does Not Have Any Game Plan, I Think It Is Time For The Board To Do Something Before It Will Be Too Late.

  2. He’s lost the dressing room and the respect of players he gained last season. Don’t think he will be there long after Christmas

    The next manager must throw Xhaka, Mustafi Elneny and Willian out of the squad and sign wilfred Zaha, forget about using your goalkeeper as an outfield player and we will have enough to get back up the league

  3. When we compare Klopp, Arteta created a lot of attrition in the team without anticipatings its effect.Tactically he has failed,why play willian,play crosses and yet a Giroud is not among Arsenal strikers.Cant score from crosses unless its Gabriel

    From Kenya

  4. Artetas inexperience is all too evident. First he plays Luiz after a serious head injury, now he plays a half fit Partey aggravating his thigh injury. He is an idiot and should be kicked out of arsenal soonest.

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