Test events for 10,000 supporters set to be staged in stadiums as early as January

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There could be more good news on the horizon for football fans, after the successful implementation of up to 2,000 supporters at grounds this weekend.

With the coronavirus pandemic still ruling virtually every aspect of daily life, and which will continue to do so until a vaccine has been found, having fans back inside stadiums to support their teams will have been a real boon for both the supporters themselves and the clubs involved.

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According to the Daily Mail, things could get even better as early as January next year.

That’s because there are expected to be test events for crowds of up to 10,000 supporters beginning then, and sanctioned by STIG and the Sports Ground Safety Authority.

Football is just about managing to get through this period both as a business and a sport relatively unscathed, financial issues notwithstanding.

The return to larger crowds really can’t come soon enough, however, as it will signal another move towards normality.