‘Are you still bitter’ – Mesut Ozil destroys Arsenal fan, Piers Morgan, in a war of words on Twitter

It’s not too often that outspoken broadcaster, Piers Morgan, gets brought down a peg or two, but that’s precisely what Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil managed on Monday evening.

Morgan, a celebrity Arsenal fan was clearly still smarting from the Gunners’ north London derby defeat at White Hart Lane.

When Ozil decided to tweet about having fans behind him, it provoked Morgan into a clearly unnecessary and over the top reaction.

Not that it was a surprise given that it’s his stock in trade on his Good Morning Britain programme.

Morgan compared Ozil to Man United’s Paul Pogba in that he was lazy and overpaid, but he was soon put in his place.

“Piers, buddy, are you still bitter from the other day?,” he wrote.

“It seems like you’re not a big fan of World Champions. I wish you would see as good as you hear things.”

At present, there’s still no clue as to why Mikel Arteta feels the need to keep Ozil sidelined and out of his Premier League and Champions League squads.

With the Gunners really struggling, it would make sense to bring him back into the fold. That might shut Morgan up in the process, which is always a good thing.

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  1. E Parrott says:

    I blame Morgan for the state Arsenal are in . If he and his cronies hadn’t interfered with Arsene going we may not be in the state we’re in now . Also MA needs to reinstate Ozil a.s.a.p as there is no creativity in the final third of the pitch . Just my opinion .

  2. Precious says:

    Ozil needs to be reinstated back,we lack creativity and it hurts as an arsenal fan ;that we are known for creativity and goals we ain’t seeing these at all… My God forgive ? Mesut

  3. Friday Haruna says:

    Arsenal should buy a creative player and forget about bringing back Ozil. Is Ozil better than Hazard when he left Chelsea? But Chelsea brought in a better replacement and they are doing good.. Arsenal should forget Ozil matter and buy player.

    1. Ottaviani Nyathi says:

      It may be worse if the said replacement fails, then Arsenal would go back to Ozil tails between legs, he is still available to Arsenal and he loves the club, that some directors or someone in Arsenal hierarchy may have some beef with him does not help, he still collects the hefty package Arsenal agreed with him, so for continuity sake let us utilise his talents, than keep losing paying him for training and staying fit, ask some Manager who sidelined this lad, what happened to him, it’s unprofessional for some Arsenal official to press MA to sideline Mesut, a d if he proves to be the remedy renew his contract as long as we win,I love Arsenal but stopped watching the day we were thumped by Villa

  4. cg says:

    People should just agree that ozil;s time at Arsenal is over. he is past let us look in the future. we need a new player

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