Millwall preparing to court more controversy as club chiefs plan for players to link arms rather than take the knee against QPR

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After the preposterous booing of their own players before the kick-off against Derby County, it’s clear that Millwall supporters are in no mood to tolerate any further occasions when their players have to take a knee.

Rather than stand tall and issue an unequivocal statement denouncing such behaviour, it appears that Millwall’s weak board of directors have decided to pander to the racists.

According to the Daily Mirror, worried club chiefs have directed their players to link arms rather than take a knee before their fixture against Queens Park Rangers.

The outlet go on to say that the suggestion was made in a video call to the players, which also included representatives from the FA, the EFL, the PFA and Kick It Out, the anti-racism group.

Quite what the authorities think about this development is unclear at present, though on the face of it, it does seem to grant the racist element licence to continue, which is never going to be a good look for the game.

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  1. Jason cant believe your ignorance on what happened at the Den ,you are truly clueless and trying to simplify the reason for the booing. It is also very offensive to say those booing did so because they are racist . It would take too long to explain the reasons to you why the fans chose to boo and it was not directed towards any black players and imagine it would be lost on you anyway .

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