Graphic: Neymar’s cougar mother’s 28-years younger ex stabbed in Mexican restaurant attack

Neymar’s mum’s 28 years younger ex-boyfriend was stabbed in a Mexican restaurant, report The Sun.

Neymar, one of the most spoken about figures in the game, clearly isn’t the only person in his family to attract the eccentric and bizarre.

As The Sun report, his mother, 52, has had an on-off relationship with Tiago Ramos, 24. That’s a story in itself.

The report mentions that the pair’s unlikely love story has been disrupted by Ramos’ string of gay relationships, as well as his difficulties with mental illness.

As if the collapse of his relationship with ‘on-off’ partner, Mrs Neymar, wasn’t enough, The Sun report that Ramos took to Instagram to reveal he fell victim to a viscous attack in a Mexican restaurant.

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See the bloody image below, as posted by Ramos on his Instagram story and screenshotted by The Sun.

The Sun quote Ramos saying: “I almost died for something I didn’t do. I arrived at the restaurant and asked for a plate of meat.”

We wonder what Neymar makes of this relationship that his mother has with her 24-year-old toy-boy. Of course, age is just a number, but it does seem to be rather problematic.

The Sun’s report claims that she still acts as a support network for Ramos during his struggles with his mental health, which is commendable, but hardly ideal, as his ex-girlfriend.

Perhaps it would be for the best if the pair went their separate ways, but more importantly, let’s hope that Ramos makes a full and speedy recovery from this attack.

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