Video: Compilation of Harry Kane’s ‘dangerous play’ emerges after Spurs striker backs into Arsenal defender Gabriel Magalhaes risking serious injury

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Tottenham Hotspur and Harry Kane fans may want to look away as the kind of compilation that they certainly wouldn’t like to see has emerged highlighting the forward’s dangerous play.

The 27-year-old has now worryingly been told that he’ll inevitably ‘break’ another player’s ‘neck’ after the latest showing of his ‘backing into’ play came at the expense of Arsenal defender Gabriel.

Kane appears to use the same tactic when opponents powerfully challenge him in aerial duels, as the England captain arches his back, which in turns leads his foes (who are friends in some cases) to fall.

A compilation clip has now emerged which shows Kane using the same tactic – if that’s the best way to describe it – to send ex-England teammates Adam Lallana and Aaron Cresswell crashing to the floor.

Former Premier League referee Mark Halsey even exclusively told us that he in fact thought Kane ‘fouled’ Lallana in their incident, with the injury-prone midfielder lucky to come away unscathed.

Pictures from Sky Sports, Sport Premium and Spurs TV.

With three incidents of note already this season, it may be time for the relevant footballing authorities to step in before Kane’s apparently ‘dangerous play’ seriously injures someone.

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  1. what a joke of an article. Lets all just play on Xbox which will make sure none of these hulking defenders get a nasty bruise.

  2. Oh Lorenzo Martin. This is the same article you wrote yesterday. It was nonsense then and still is now. I do like the way you’ve taken a twitter comment from Norway and now somehow turned it into fact. You write that he will “inevitably” break someone’s neck. On whose professional opinion are you basing this ridiculous hypothesis? You also claim it may be time for the relevant authorities to step in? Would these be the same authorities that have a referee, 2 assistants, a fourth official and VAR assistance at the game. None of them have seen anything worth persuing, but you want the game re-refereed afterwards.
    It’s sad to see someone who has no journalistic integrity and instead uses their platform to produce articles based in no fact and driven completely by their own bias. Perhaps “authorities” at this site should review your work and “step in” to avoid any more of these libellous accusations.

  3. Now whether you are a spurs’, and therefore Harry Kane, supporter or not, that shit ain’t no coincidence, it’s calculated, deliberate and has the potential to be dangerous .

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