Video: Astonishing scenes as PSG vs Basaksehir interrupted and red card dished out over racism claims against the assistant referee

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One of the most noticeable things about empty stadiums is that pitch-side mics are able to pick up what is being said, so that could be handy in this instance.

At this point nobody really knows what’s happened in the game between PSG and Basaksehir, but it has been interrupted due to racism claims against one of the match officials:

There is some video that shows Demba Ba receiving a red card for something he’s said and it’s alleged that the match official has used a racist word against one of the Turkish club’s staff, while it also looks like the players have walked off in protest:

Pictures courtesy of Direct RMC Sport

There’s no doubt that this is an utter disgrace that will taint the competition and will need to be dealt with, but it’s hard to see how the game will play to a finish at this point.


  1. i think the red cad should be revoke dem ba should be punish after the match since they lose the group game they should accept defeat

  2. Can the world really exist with only a particular set of people? I think we need each other to survive. There should be unity in diversity.
    Hope this game won’t be voided on my tickets.

  3. the match need to be completed and anyone found guilty of racism should be punished accordingly as uefa are there to do the needful by carrying out a thorough investigation.

  4. What a disgrace to the entire fifa and fans all over the world. Anyone found guilty of the problem should be dealth with.

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