Barcelona presidential candidate Jordi Farre skips the usual Neymar promises and goes with an unusual offer

Barcelona’s looming Presidential elections have already been entertaining in terms of the promises being made, but there’s still time for even more craziness.

The common theme for the candidates so far is making some incredibly bold claims about bringing Neymar back to the club, but their perilous financial situation makes that look incredibly unlikely just now.

The elections usually go the same with with candidates making wild promises that they then spend their term trying to deny or deflect, so perhaps it’s time for a new approach from one of the hopefuls.

It appears that’s the case for Jordi Farre who is one of the possible candidates for the Presidency, and he’s decided to go for a much more achievable campaign promise:

He’s decided to skip the Neymar talk completely to get to something much more important – free Barcelona tattoos and pizzas for the season ticket holders.

Time will tell if it’s enough to gather any serious support, but at least he can’t be accused of being unrealistic with his manifesto.

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