Tuesday night’s game wasn’t the first time that PSG vs Basaksehir ref was embroiled in racism row

The fall out from the alleged racism by the fourth official in the Paris Saint-Germain v Istanbul Basaksehir Champions League game continues.

After Istanbul’s Pierre Webo was allegedly abused, both teams walked off of the pitch in protest, forcing a suspension until Wednesday evening, and the replacement of the entire officiating team.

Though fourth official, Sebastian Coltescu, was at the centre of the storm, criticism of referee, Ovidiu Hategan, has also been forthcoming for the way in which he failed to deal with the situation.

According to RMC Sport, cited by the Daily Star, the man in the middle has form when it comes to tolerating potentially racist incidents.

“When I was playing for FCSB, I heard some monkey sounds from Dinamo fans,” former FCSB striker, Harlem Gnohere, said to RMC Sport, cited by the Daily Star.

“Hategan told me that he didn’t hear anything. It’s not the first time. And last year they did the same. I told the referee, it’s sad.

“Especially because I played for them [Dinamo]. The way they insult me is vile. I prefer to swear at my family, but not monkey sounds.”

The outlet also quote Romanian journalist, Emanuel Rosu, who confirmed via his official Twitter account, that an entire stand made the chants towards Gnohere.

It’s a stain on the game that refuses to go away, but not UEFA have the perfect opportunity to do more than pay lip service to the situation.