Video: New footage from PSG vs Basaksehir adds to controversy with gypsy comments made to a referee

We all knew that there would be new revelations from last night which would only make everything so much worse, but potential racist abuse back at the referees is something that most of us didn’t see coming.

There’s two ways of looking at this, but here’s a look at the footage which has emerged from the game:

It’s not been confirmed who made the gypsy comments, but if they have simply tried to come back by saying that the referee is a gypsy because he’s Romanian then that’s just as bad as anything that may have been said to trigger the initial scenes.

On the other hand it does sound like the voice adds “but I can’t say that” at the end, so it suggests he was trying to turn the fourth official’s explanation back on him rather than just going with some direct counter abuse.

The most likely scenario is the official has insisted that what he said is just something that Romanian’s say, so the retort is an attempt to ridicule his example by saying what he did.

The problem is that it’s badly worded and pretty bad whichever way you look at it, so this is likely far from over.

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  1. Ottos Diesel says:

    I wonder what the politicians who were very quick to blame ref for racism would have to say about this disguting, sordid comment offending both Romanians and Gypsies. Would they be the as quick to apologize or somebody would put some brain into their empty heads before rushing to conclusions for future reference. MORONIC PEOPLE!

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