Real Madrid and Zinedine Zidane on a collision course as they completely disagree on Paul Pogba signing

Zinedine Zidane’s record shows that he’s clearly a good manager, but it’s starting to become clear that he’s only capable of doing great things when he has an elite squad which doesn’t really need to be managed.

He’s failed to properly develop many new players and he’s incredibly reliable on the same veteran stars, but they are getting older and they won’t be able to do it for much longer.

There are clear signs of friction between the club and Zidane so it won’t be a surprise if he does leave at the end of the season, while the entire situation is encapsulated in their transfer targets for the summer.

AS have indicated that the club are desperate so sign Eduardo Camavinga from Rennes. They think he’s got incredible potential and he won’t command a huge wage just now, while he could be a focal point of the team for years to come if he’s developed properly.

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Obviously that doesn’t fit with Zidane’s philosophy at all and it sounds like he wants to sign Paul Pogba from Man United instead, so it would be another example of just throwing money at a proven veteran who will want a giant wage.

Pogba turns 28 next year so it also fits with Zidane’s short term approach as he’ll need to be replaced in a few years, so it’s easy to see Real deciding to move on to a new manager soon.

They’ve invested incredible amounts of money in signing the best young players in the world – Reinier Jesus, Vinicius Jr, Martin Odegaard and Rodrygo are prime examples, while Camavinga would be another.

They need a coach who is committed to developing young players in a long term approach instead of only worrying about winning now, so this could be the start of the plan to force Zidane out.

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