Barcelona star, Antoine Griezmann, cuts all ties with Huawei over treatment of Uighurs

It’s not often you hear of a footballer severing all ties with a sponsor for any reason whatsoever, due in no small part to the millions of pounds that the top players can earn outside of their club salary.

However, Barcelona’s Antoine Griezmann clearly has a conscience on humanitarian issues and has decided to part ways with Chinese telecoms giant, Huawei.

According to BBC Sport, the reason for the same is because of news that the company were involved in the surveillance of Muslim Uighurs.

Although Huawei have strongly denied the claims and said it was ‘saddened’ by Griezmann’s decision, the Frenchman will believe he’s in the right after reports of alleged Huawei testing of facial recognition software that could help police detect Uighurs came to light.

Griezmann had been a brand ambassador for the company since 2017, but as soon as the accusations came to light, he had no hesitation of taking to social media to immediately signal an end to the association.

“Following strong suspicions that Huawei has contributed to the development of a ‘Uighurs alert’ through the use of facial recognition software, I am immediately ending my partnership with the company,” he wrote.

In an age where footballers are roundly condemned for their greed, Griezmann should be applauded.


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